Will any chalk work?

We’ve tried all different types of chalk, and they all work. Some can be a little more stubborn than others, so you may have to wipe it off with some muscle, but hey, it’s a bonus getting a little extra exercise in!

Can the shirt wash with other stuff?

Yes! Just put our shirt in the wash with your other clothing and right into the dryer! There is some shrinkage, so keep that in mind!

How many times can it be washed without breaking down the chalk board?

We’ve washed our sample shirts that people write on several times a week, months in a row, and they are still good to write on!

How do I determine what size to purchase?

We say it’s best to go up one size from what the person is wearing now. Everyone wants to wear their “Chalk Me Up!” shirt for as long as they can! Everyone has different body shapes and sizes, so this is just a guide.

Does the shirt feel soft?

The chalkboard is flexible, therefore making it comfortable, so we think it does.

Can the drawing be preserved?

Hmmmm…there should be a way. The beauty of our shirts is they can be written on over and over again so each time you can be proud of your artwork! We suggest taking a picture, and preserve it that way!

Will you do any design for us on your shirts?

Absolutely! We do this for fundraisers, stores, birthday bundles, corporate events, family reunions, and for anything your heart desires! We’ll even put your logo on it! Just ask and we will tell you how it works!