ChalkmeUp Family

In 2011, one of my kids came home with a spray can of chalkboard paint. My other two kids and I were amazed: a chalkboard on a wall?

As he was putting it on his wall, and began to draw and write, an idea came to me! I looked at my three kids and said, “How do we get this on a T-shirt?”

For well over a year, I tried all the different paints out there, and nothing worked. The chalkboard split, cracked, peeled and you name it. I refused to give up. Then one day I figured it out.

I knew nothing about T-shirt production, and a friend introduced me to a man in the industry. The first thing he said to me was, “Shelley, I’ve been in the clothing and T-shirt industry for awhile now, are you sure you want to do this? You have to sell a lot of T-shirts to make money!” My response was, “I can do it!”

My first run was 348 T-shirts! Nothing like thinking BIG! I decided to give a “FREE” box of chalk with each T-shirt purchase. My first chalkboard design was the “Talk it Up!” Bubble chalkboard. Next, I’m on the road hawking my wears at different shows in New Jersey. It’s an instant hit!

In my second year, it was off to stores in Jersey, I go. I also begin to offer more chalkboard designs. In my third year, I’m still selling at the shows in Jersey and expanding into Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. As demand in product grows, my team is building, and “Chalk Me Up!” is spreading like wildfire!

I’m bringing simplicity and individuality back to fashion. My T-shirts are FUN, bring out one’s creativity, and can also be educational. Just EXPRESS Yourself!

The “Chalk Lady” says, “You never know what we’ll chalk, once we talk!”