Owner Shelley Chalk me Up
Shelley Henshaw, Owner

Hi! My name is Shelley… I’m the “Chalk Lady,” and this is how one great idea turned into an even greater one: Chalk Me Up, the original chalkboard T-shirt!

An idea is born — the chalkboard T-shirt!

In 2011, one of my kids came home with a spray can of chalkboard paint. My other two kids and I were amazed: a chalkboard you can put on any surface? As he was spraying it on a wall, an idea came to me: “How do we get this on a T-shirt?”

I can do it!

I knew nothing about T-shirt production, but I did have a friend who introduced me to a man in the industry. He said, “Shelley, I’ve been in the clothing and T-shirt industry for awhile now. Are you sure you want to do this? You have to sell a lot of T-shirts to make money.” My response was, “I can do it!”

It took well over a year and a ton of experimentation to get it right — but I refused to give up. All that hard work led to what is now “Chalk Me Up!,” the original chalkboard T-shirt, as we know and love it today.

Starting off BIG

Our very first run was 348 T-shirts! Nothing like thinking BIG. We started with just one chalkboard design — our logo’s “talk balloon.” To sweeten the deal, I decided to give a free box of chalk with every T-shirt purchase, so that the creativity could begin immediately. We started selling in New Jersey, and our chalkboard T-shirts were an instant hit!

Growing strong

In our second year, we offered more chalkboard designs, and in our third year, we expanded our sales into Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia. News of our Chalk Me Up! T-shirts has been spreading like wildfire, and we’ve continued to grow both our team and our sales by leaps and bounds ever since.

Making fashion fun!

Chalk Me Up! is bringing simplicity, individuality, and uniqueness back to fashion. Our T-shirts are fun, spark creativity, and even educate. It’s an exciting endeavor that I hope brings others excitement as well.

Chalk Me Up family photo
Owner Shelley Henshaw with her kids